Nightclub Dress Code

Nightclubs tend to be just a slightly more casual take on semiformal attire.  Here you’ll dress to impress, while keeping in mind the body heat factor

For the ladies

Depending on the venue, your crew, and your mood, you might go with anything from nice jeans, heels, and a dressy top to a short sleeveless dress.  If you’ve got a more casual night planned beforehand, or your main objective is bonding with your girls, you might go the jeans route and opt for more comfortable shoes.  If you’re getting dinner somewhere nice, going dancing at an upscale place, or out to meet somebody, the cute little dress route might be best.  Regardless, definitely have something sleeveless on if you’re planning on dancing, so you don’t get too hot — you can always bring a black cardigan or jacket to layer over it.  And this is totally the place for long, dangly earrings, sparkly necklaces, and bolder makeup. Nightclub Dress Code

For the guys

Plan on a nice formal shirt, and dress it down with jeans if you’re going to a very casual spot.  Otherwise, you may want some nice black pants, and definitely go for dressier shoes.  Make the effort to find shoes that look nice but will hold up for a night of dancing without killing your feet!  You may want a jacket, if you’re at a nicer place and/or looking to impress someone.  But definitely leave the tie at home: the goal here is chic but not stuffy.

Rules of Thumb

  • Ladies: consider going for smoky eyes, or a bold lipstick.  But just choose one, and make the rest of your makeup relatively low-key.
  • Since the lighting will likely be low, this is a good place to shine: maybe try out a metallic top or some shimmery eyeshadow.  Guys, you might wear a necklace, if that’s your style.
  • Don’t even think about wearing clothes that aren’t completely, thoroughly clean (and not from Dryell, either).  Any traces of residual B.O. will get amplified as you heat up on the dance floor.
  • Gym shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes — whatever you call ‘em, guys, be aware that if the club bans them from their dress code, you won’t be allowed in with them on.
  • Consider adding a gel insole and/or moleskin to your shoes so they stay comfortable no matter how many times the DJ plays your jam.