Lounge Dress Code

Dressing to go out to a lounge differs from dressing for a nightclub in a few key ways.  You’re much less likely to be dancing, so body heat doesn’t have to be a primary factor in your clothing choices, and you can get away with shoes that are more beautiful than they are comfortable.  And the atmosphere is at once a little more relaxed and a little more polished.

For the ladies

Think classy and dressy for a night out at a lounge.  This would be a good time for a slinky-but-upscale dress, or an elegant skirt and top.  Keep in mind that you may be sitting on a couch, so make sure your hemline isn’t too short.  Pick out some drapey jewelry and fun heels, and bring along a nice clutch.  Your jewelry can be fun but a bit less flashy than what you might wear to a club. Lounge Dress Code

For the guys

A lounge would be a great place to wear a jacket with no tie.  A dress shirt with nice pants would work too, or possibly jeans if the town and establishment are both very casual.  Definitely wear dress shoes, and don’t wear a hat.  Be aware that some lounges won’t let you in with athletic shoes on.

Rules of Thumb

  • Check out the lounge in advance to get a feel for its vibe; some post dress code specifics on their websites.
  • Find out whether the lounge has a coat check, and decide whether or not it’s worth it to bring your coat along if they don’t.
  • Don’t wear anything you’d wear to a pubby bar, such as a hoodie, jersey, or tank top.
  • Ladies: do your makeup for evening, but look polished rather than too adventurous.  For example, you may want to steer toward grey or bronze for eyeshadow rather than purple or green.
  • Once you’ve chosen your outfit, try it out while sitting on a couch, so you can make sure it doesn’t fall awkwardly if you’re getting swallowed up by a sofa.