London Dress Code

London is a chic and cosmopolitan city, an on average dresses a touch more conservatively than New York does.  Here you’ll want to wear sharp clothes, nice but practical shoes, and layers for changeable weather.

For the ladies

Women in London tend to dress a bit more formally than Americans do, wearing nice pants or longer skirts to walk around in instead of jeans.  If you’re a visitor, a pair of black pants and some classy tops will serve you well.  Avoid white sneakers, and wear shoes that are comfortable for walking but tidy-looking and compact.  Avoid short shorts and skirts.  That said, it’s a big city, and you’ll see all kinds of styles on the street! London Dress Code

For the guys

If you’re visiting London, you’ll want to just clean up your look a little: khakis or other tidy cotton pants, rather than shorts.  Stay away from T-shirts or sweaters with logos on them, or anything too baggy.  Look for stylish walking shoes that aren’t white or too bulky.

Rules of Thumb

  • London has a reputation for being rainy, foggy, and/or cool, so keep a rain jacket handy.
  • Dark clothing is a good bet here.
  • Stay away from cutoff jeans or frayed clothing of any kind.
  • Definitely don’t wear outdoorsy travel gear, such as quick-dry fabrics or cargo shorts, which would immediately call attention to you as a tourist.
  • If you buy clothes in London stores, be aware that their sizing system may be different from the system in your country, and ask a salesperson for help.