Golf Dress Code

What to wear to play golf is worth some thought, because golf courses enforce dress codes more strictly than most restaurants!  Many courses (and their attached clubs) are looking for traditional, preppy golf attire, and will force you to buy such clothing in their pro shop, or kick you out, if you don’t comply.  The exception is municipal courses, which are often more relaxed.

For the ladies

Most courses require a collared shirt.  This will probably be a polo shirt if it’s warm out, perhaps with a preppy sweater, such as a cable knit, if it’s chilly.  Many golf courses and clubs require long pants, such as khakis (not jeans or cargo pants), but some allow ladies’ golf shorts, which hit at or below the knee, like Bermuda shorts. Golf Dress Code

For the guys

Guys, too, will want a collard shirt, most likely a polo. Bring along a nice v-neck sweater (not a sweatshirt) if it’s cool out, and wear long khaki pants.  Some courses allow shorts if they’re dressy cotton shorts (not athletic wear).  Stay away from jeans and cargo shorts.

Rules of Thumb

  • Call ahead or check the website to find out the particular dress codes of the place you’re going — for both the course and the clubhouse.
  • Your best bet for footwear is soft-spike golf shoes, which are permissible on almost every course.  Some don’t allow sneakers or golf shoes with penetrating spikes.
  • Don’t forget a cap or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • When in doubt, go for conservative, muted colors, like navy and pastels.  This is probably not the place for neon.
  • Above all, don’t show up at a golf course wearing denim anything.  This is their pet peeve!