Chic Dress Code

Chic is definitely a subjective category, but you probably already have a sense that you know it when you see it.  There are many kinds of chic styles of dress, ranging from casual chic to classy.  Here are some guidelines that should help you navigate among them

For the ladies

Whether what you’re going for is casual or dressy, choose fun and fashionable pieces to keep your look updated.  A short-sleeved sweater and knee-high brown boots can be a stylish casual outfit for fall or winter, for example.  Don’t shy away from a bold color or two if you use them carefully and make sure they don’t clash.  Lately wearing two complementary bright colors, such as a purple top with a pink skirt, has come into fashion. Chic Dress Code

For the guys

Guys, you want to look polished and somewhat original.  Go for a darker denim, or nice dark pants.  Wear dress shoes, or well-made sandals in the summer (no flip-flops or athletic styles).  Steer clear of t-shirts with anything written on them, jerseys, and hoodies.  Whether it’s a polo shirt, sophisticated V-neck, or dress shirt, what you wear should be well fitted and in a tone that compliments your skin.  A nice watch or necklace can add a hint of style.

Rules of Thumb

  • Keep your jewelry current, and don’t overdo it.  If you’ve got a statement ring or a bib necklace, you may not need much else.
  • A chic look involves keeping your shoes classy: that means no beat-up shoes for guys, or tall platforms for women.
  • Choose just one focal point (a striking top or accessory), and keep the rest of your outfit understated and classy.  You want to make sure your look isn’t too busy.
  • Never mix prints!  Guys, we’re looking at you: friends don’t let friends leave the house in a plaid jacket over a patterned shirt.
  • Ladies, keep your makeup simple and classic.